2022 Invitational Getxo Bilbao Spain

Real Club Jolaseta Avenida de los Chopos, 18 Getxo, Bilbao

TEAMS: England +50&+55, Ireland +50, Spain +50&+55 and Real Club Jolaseta +55 Level 3.6 International Friendly.

2022 World Cup: Nottingham

Nottingham Hockey Centre University Boulevard, Nottingham, England

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2022 World Cup: Cape Town

Cape Town Hockey Centre 2 Willow Rd, Observatory,, Cape Town

South Africa is the host of the  O45M-O55M  &  O45W-O65W  WMH World Cup & Spirit of Masters Tournaments. Share this

2022 World Cup: Tokyo

Oi Hockey Stadium 4-chome, Yashio, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, tokyo

Japan is the host of the O6OM-O8OM World Cup & Spirit of Masters tournaments. Share this link for this event

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