WMH Standing Committees

WMH Events Committee

Events are responsible for the planning and delivery of every Event and Tournament. This can range from assessing host bids and the quality of the hockey venues to monitoring the planning and implementation of the shared contractual requirements and working in partnership with hosts and other committees to deliver successful Events and Tournaments.

WMH Technical Committee

Technical Committee identify interested officials and umpires who match the competencies required to officiate at international level and appoint them to tournaments. They also manage tournament checklists, ensuring that hosts are fully aware and provide the appropriate level of support for officials during tournaments. They also produce all the relevant tournament technical documentation and ensure that the TMS system is in place and functions properly for recording match details.

WMH Medical Advisory Committee

MAC’s objectives are to:
• Monitor and provide recommendations on the health & safety of activities for all participants and spectators;
• Provide guidance and leadership on medical and safety matters for WMH Members;
• Identify, mitigate and / or manage potential or actual medically related risks at matches, competitions, tournaments and events;
• Facilitate WMH’s support of drug-free sport worldwide and compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code;
• Review, and if necessary, propose changes in the rules and regulations, via the respective Committees, to make the sport safer.

World Masters Hockey