Research programmes WMH endorse and support.

WMH encourages our members to contribute to relevant research programmes such as these which follow. The latest research project is always the top one.

To date, very little serious research has been carried out with regard to the benefits that may be gained from continuing involvement in sport late into our senior years. If we take a little time to support such research, we may be able to convince governments and commercial companies that there is something to be gained by supporting sports such as Masters Hockey. Please give some of your time and complete the forms which help collect relevant data. Any contributor is guaranteed anonymity.

Saint Joseph’s College of Maine

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Research Proposal

University Research Board Approval

This 5 minute survey is a follow-up to a research project carried out in 2018. The 2018 findings can be accessed below. Supporting this research will be very helpful as it will provide an opportunity to assess any changes in data collated and inform future research. None of the questions in the survey require any information which might identify a contributor.

York University, Toronto, Canada.

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Saint Joseph’s College of Maine, Drexel University

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