Match Schedules for Cape Town & Tokyo to be published very soon.  The schedules had to be re-drawn due to an increase in the number of participating teams. Good news like that makes it all worthwhile!

A spectacular Opening Ceremony is planned for Cape Town on the evening of 30 Sept. All teams are expected to attend what is promised to be an extravagant and exciting celebration of South African culture.  

Tokyo – SoM teams will play against  international teams of the same age group. 

Entry Visas:  Spreadsheets are flowing in and the  Japanese Hockey Association are already sharing required details with the government agency tasked with arranging the visas. These will allow holders to travel anywhere in Japan during the visa’s 3 month’s validity.

Visa costs: £20 (UK); C$35 (Canada); U$28 (USA) for non-US citizens; ZAR410 (RSA); €23 Irish passports. Free to Australians & Italians. 

The opening ceremony, on the afternoon of 18th October, will include a performance by the Japanese Army Band,  amongst others. Full attendance is expected.

***Updated Covid-19 2022 Participation Policy

Teams must contact WMH immediately if they intend to withdraw – no refunds will be offered after 31 July. 

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