2024 Four Nations – Duisburg

Club Raffelberg, Duisburg, Germany Kalkweg 123-125,, Duisburg, Germany

55W 60W, 65M 70M (Level 2.2)  and 65M, 70M International Masters Cup (Level 4.1) Teams   Event Details

2024 Women’s Invitational Tournament London

Southgate HC London Trent Park Snakes Lane Barnet, London, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

W O65 National & IMC      This a 5 team invitational event between England, The Netherlands, Scotland, Wales internationally selected

2024 Scotland v Ireland Edinburgh

Peffermill Playing Fields, scotland 42 Peffermill Road,, Edinburgh, scotland, United Kingdom

Level 2.2 Scotland v. Ireland 2 games

2024 World Cup Cape Town

Hartleyvale Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa 2 Willow Rd, Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa

W O35- O40 National & International Masters Cup     M O35- O40, 65-80 National & International Masters Cup News links

2024 World Cup Auckland

National Hockey Centre NZ North Harbour Hockey, 159 Bush Road Rosedale, Auckland, New Zealand

W O45- O70 National & International Masters Cup M O45- O60 National & International Masters Cup      News International