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It is a matter of logistics, cost and reducing workloads. More NA involvement will lead to a slight increase in bureaucracy, but it will bring a number of very important advantages. WMH is managed by unpaid volunteers who devote many hours each day, working hard to develop the organisation for the benefit of all Masters Hockey players.

Five of the larger hockey countries have as many as 18 international teams. Each team operating independently, sending emails and expecting replies when entering teams or transferring fees, would generate a minimum of 360 emails.  Add on to that at least 720 more generated by the other 60 member countries at an average of 5 teams per country and the emails relating to general enquiries, administration, communications with FIH, government bodies, company fees and reports, and more importantly, communications with tournament hosts, the Executive Board, the Standing Committees and etc. If every team was run through their NA, these demands would be halved and accuracy and efficiency would greatly increase. It is not easy to respond to emails from 450 groups, record details and provide timely responses. These estimates are underestimations rather than exaggerations. The demand scan only grow with increases in the numbers of teams and events.

Financially, each bank transfer incurs a charge. If an NA transfers the fees for all, there is one charge. If 18 teams act independently, that amounts to around £180. Spread that across 65 countries (300 teams) and the loss rises to over £3000.  The payment and refunding of the tournament fees for the cancelled 2020 World Cup led to significant losses for all the participants and WMH, which did not request any membership fees in 2021. Common sense dictates that the income generated by the participants should not be lost to the sport because of political or personal issues within an NA. It cannot be that difficult for Masters Hockey organisers and NAs to find a way to resolve any issues with regard to transferring fees to WMH. The WMH Finance Director does not have the time to deal with to manage over 1000 transactions, when 70 are all that is really needed. What is a small and annoying ripple on the pond for a local organiser can become a tsunami for WMH Officers.