After much deliberation, the Commerce Committee recommended that any trophy design should include each hockey continent, hockey sticks and the WMH Logo as key features. Early design ideas varied, but it was felt that the trophy should be unique in comparison to other world sport’s trophies, have a strong visual impact and be sufficiently robust to survive global transportation. EFX of Stratford upon Avon, were awarded the contract and their design team produced a trophy which more than met all the WMH design criteria. The trophy is nickel-plated aluminium with an acrylic sphere at the top. It weighs 3.8kg! Scroll down to find photographs of the trophy and medals

The Executive Board decided that any trophies or medals would meet the criteria set out in the WMH Sustainability Policy. This has resulted in a permanent trophy (to be retained by WMH) and Gold, Silver and Bronze bamboo medals for the top 3 teams in each age group. No commemorative medals will be awarded.

Match schedules will be organised so that the trophy and medals can be awarded immediately after each final. This will create great photographic opportunities, but most importantly, allow the winning teams to fully enjoy their moment of glory and give every player the chance to personally hold and be photographed with the trophy!