Dear WMH Members

The Executive Board is seeking a Finance Director to join WMH. 

The Finance Director position is ‘hands on’ and is required to do the following:
  • plan and manage WMH Finances;
  • manage and present WMH budgets,
  • accounts and financial statements to the EB;
  • manage payments, expenditure, invoices and income;
  • manage the WMH bank accounts;
  • participate in the development of Hosting and Merchandise Agreements;
  • present WMH accounts to General Assemblies;
  • contribute to the development of hosting and merchandise agreements
  • liaise with WMH officers about financial matters;
  • ensure that the appropriate accounting procedures and controls outlined in WMH Financial Regulations & Policies are applied and monitored and comply with relevant legislation;
    arrange and oversee the annual audit of WMH Finances;
  • ensure that auditors recommendations are implemented;
  • ensure accounts meet the conditions of any contractual agreements with external funders, sponsors and the FIH;
  • advise the EB on the financial implications of the organisation’s strategic and operational plans and on the sponsorship strategy of the organisation;

If you are interested, please complete the nomination form by 21st October 2021.   

The form can be found by clicking on the link – Finance Director Nomination Form

For more details, please contact the WMH Secretary via email

Regards,Sue Briggs
WMH Secretary
6th October 2021