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Both organisations agreed that the WMH would be a good idea in principle but differed in opinion as to how the internal WMH operations should be managed.

WGMA proposed the name ‘World Masters Hockey (WMH)’ and IMHA accepted that proposal. There was general agreement with regard to administrative approaches and developing Masters Hockey at all age groups, but disagreement with regard to how the Masters and Grand Masters sections would be managed remained.

WGMA wanted WMH to be an umbrella organisation for IMHA and WGMA, allowing both to continue operating as they had done previously.

The IMHA preference was that all Masters age groups should be organised and managed so as to harmonise the strengths of both organisations and reduce the number of weaknesses. The FIH would not support an umbrella organisation and at meetings at an FIH Congress, stipulated that the 2 organisations should work together to set up the WMH by the end of 2019 and dissolve the 2 original companies.

The first task was completed when the first General Assembly was held in Amstelveen on 2nd August 2019. The IMHA was dissolved as a company in December 2019.