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WMH organises indoor and outdoor World Cups (WC) and Continental Championships (CC).

WMH invites Member NA Masters Hockey organisers to bid to host one or more tournaments within one of these Events. Bids will be invited at least 2 years in advance of the actual Event.

WCs take place on even numbered years and CCs on odd numbered years. The number of participating teams and the availability of appropriate venues can lead to these Events being split into multiple tournaments for different age groups. A WC may be held on different continents at different times in the same year. Similarly, it is possible that a CC may be held in different countries on the same continent.

The five FIH recognised hockey continents are Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and Panam. Any international Masters Hockey event run by an NA or Continental Federation will need WMH approval before they can request FIH sanctioning.

Social Hockey, which does not include international teams, does not require WMH or FIH approval.