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WGMA had concerns that WMH would become too bureaucratic and inflexible. IMHA felt that good management could ensure that this would not happen. WGMA were also concerned that WMH would focus on ‘elite’ international teams to the detriment of the Tournament Trophy (TT) ideal they had successfully developed over many years.

The TT competition was for players who were not selected for international squads or who wished to play at a less stressful level. The appeal of this competition was that it allowed players to participate at the same tournaments, alongside the international teams and enhance and enjoy the renowned Masters Hockey atmosphere. The TT included non-national sides from all over the world.  

IMHA and WGMA agreed that the continuance of the TT format was important if WMH was to encourage players to stay in the game for longer and match the FIH vision that hockey was a sport for all ‘from the cradle to the grave’.

WMH is determined to ensure that the valid WGMA concerns about safeguarding the old TT hockey format, are addressed and allayed. To that end, it has adopted the title ‘Spirit of Masters’ (with the approval of South African Masters Hockey who use this title in their events) for this competition format and it is an integral part of the bidding process for hosting all future WMH Events and Tournaments. The age range has increased to include all age groups over 35 years. The Spirit of Masters (SoM) title is felt to accurately describe the ideals of TT hockey.