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There are many benefits in being involved in Masters hockey and these relate to both the individual and the wider hockey community.

Physiologically, Masters Hockey players tend to live longer than their compatriots, They also make relatively few demands upon their national medical services, despite match injuries!

Psychologically, they have a focus in their lives beyond work and the family (important though they are) and this provides a healthy release for the stresses of every day life. There are also the benefits of being part of the renowned global hockey family with all the enjoyment that comes with that! Post retiral Masters Hockey participants have a purpose for living and mixing with the younger age groups keeps them young at heart. It is good for the ego when one can successfully compete with players who are decades younger!

Generally, the longer players stay in the game, the more experience they gain (especially if competing with the best players of their age groups from across the world) and the more likely they are to pass this on to their younger team and clubmates to the benefit of local hockey. They also contribute financially to the game for many more years and provide good role models to follow.