General Assembly


The 2nd WMH General Assembly will be held in a virtual format on 2nd August 2021. All details are listed below.

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Candidates for 2021 Executive Board Elections

As there is only one candidate for each of the WMH Officers’ positions, the candidates for President, Secretary & Finance Director have been automatically re-elected. There are multiple candidates  standing for other positions on the Executive Board, so a secret ballot will be held to enable delegates to elect their preferred candidates.


Nominated for President: Glenn Paton
Member Country/Organisation: Scottish Hockey Union
Proposer: Scottish Masters Hockey endorsed by Scottish Hockey
Seconder: Japan Masters Hockey endorsed by the Japanese Hockey Association

Electoral Statement
I have been WMH President since October 2020, with FIH support, following the resignation of my predecessor. I was previously an EB member with responsibility for the IT and Commerce Committees. As IMHA President, I was very involved in the setting up of WMH during the 7 years of discussion between the FIH, IMHA & WGMA. I incorporated WMH as a Company in 2019 to meet the agreed FIH timeline for WMH to replace the IMHA & WGMA. I was a key member of the team which developed the WMH Branding Manual, the Registered Trade & Wordmarks, the setting up of the WMH Social Media sites and the design of the website. I have played key roles in helping the various WMH teams develop new administrative processes, policies for all its operational areas, risk assessment approaches, rules & regulations and technical manuals to name but a few of the many tasks which had to be completed. I would like the opportunity to continue my contribution to the completion of this development stage before the first WMH World Cup tournaments are held in 2022. Having developed IMHA 2014 participation levels from just over 1000 players/officials (59 teams) to around 3000 players/officials (135 teams) at the 2018 and last IMHA World Cup, I would like to ensure that the transition from the 2 original Masters organisations to the WMH is fully completed.

Nominated for Secretary: Sue Briggs
Member Country/Organisation: Hockey Australia
Proposer: Hockey Australia
Seconder: Hockey New Zealand

Electoral Statement:
I have had the privilege of being WMH Secretary since the creation of the new organisation in August 2019. I remain very committed to the growth and success of WMH but there is still a lot more work to do to ensure that the organisation is robust and represents the needs of the Masters Hockey community worldwide. The pandemic has resulted in the cancellation of all our events – I would like to be able to be part of a team to deliver amazing experiences and create events that offer a great standard of hockey. I believe I have the knowledge, experience, commitment and drive to achieve this.

Nominated for Finance Director: Norman Same
Member Country/Organisation: Hockey Australia
Proposer: Hockey Australia
Seconder: Hockey New Zealand

Electoral Statement: I am currently Treasurer of WMH, and have served in this position since August 2019. I have played hockey for 53 years making the Australian National Masters teams in excess of 15 occasions, served on the Board of Hockey Australia (Finance Director & Vice President) as well as on the Board of Oceania Hockey Federation. Professionally, I am Managing Partner of a 30 person multi-disciplined Chartered Accounting practice situated in Melbourne Australia. I have been a partner of this business since July 1985. I believe my business skills as well as sports administration experience could assist the WMH Board.

Ordinary Members of the Executive Board (4 Years)

Nominated for Ordinary Member: Simon N. Gray
Member Country/Organisation: USA
Proposer: USA Masters Field Hockey
Seconder: Alliance International Hockey Club
Electoral Statement: Electoral Video                                                                                                                                                            I was selected and appointed to the WMH Executive Board in March this year to fill a vacant position and am now standing for election to the Board as an Ordinary Board Member for a preferred four-year term. My goal is to support and further develop Masters’ Hockey worldwide. My primary interest is in the development of the sport outside of the traditional strongholds of hockey, encouraging and assisting start-up Masters’ programs and the individual player wanting to play international Masters’ Hockey. But I’m supportive of all efforts to move our wonderful sport forward. I love the competitive spirit of playing hockey for my country, but I also love the way we all are competing together against the inevitable ageing process. This is what is so special about Masters’ Hockey and the Masters’ community.
Nominated for Ordinary Member: Eduardo Mario Guelfand
Member Country/Organisation: Asociación Argentina de Hockey Masters y Grand Masters
Proposer: Asociación Argentina de Hockey Masters y Grand Masters
Seconder: Federación Chilena de Hockey sobre Césped
Electoral Statement:
I want to be a member of the WMH Executive Board, to help develop the Masters Hockey just as I have done in Argentina. I helped found the Argentine Masters Hockey Association that developed from one team participating in Rotterdam to 10 teams participating in Barcelona and Terrassa. Next year we aim to field 12 teams in the 2022 World Cup. We also intend to field 4 teams in the 2022 Indoor World Cup. I have collaborated in the realization of courses for Technical Directors, Physical Trainers, Doctors, Kinesiologists and Team Managers.
Nominated for Ordinary Member: Wolfgang Hillmann
Member Country/Organisation: Deutscher Hockey-Bund – German Masters Hockey (GMH)
Proposer: Deutscher Hockey-Bund – German Masters Hockey (GMH)
Seconder: Federazione Italiana Hockey (FIH) – Italia Masters Hockey
Electoral Statement: Electoral Video
I was a member of the Deutscher Hockey-Bund – DHB Executive Board from 1997- 2015. I was Vice-President of Youth affairs and later President 2015-2019. During my presidency and with great support from my team, the first Indoor Masters World Cup took place in Krefeld. I was also able to actively promote other international events in Germany as a member of the DHB-Executive Board. These included the 2006 World Cup (Men); the 2011 European Cup (Men & Women); the 2013 Junior World Cup 2013 and the realization of the Hockey Pro League.
I supported the German Masters Hockey organization and the setting up of its structure. As a member of a working group, I have created and further developed the basic requirements for the GMH from day one. In this context, I worked intensively on a sustainable merger of the “younger” and the “older” Masters Groups in Germany. Furthermore, I was able to drive the ongoing development of the male and female Masters Teams in Germany, which has shown positive growth to date. Germany has traditionally supported all sustainable FIH development. WMH will be able to bring our beloved sport to the attention of the FIH, our Olympic Sport stakeholder. I was a teacher at German Sport University in Cologne and believe I will be able to support national Masters Hockey organisations in processing both outdoor and indoor hockey. WMH has the possibility to develop Masters Hockey within National Associations alongside the youth and senior hockey sections.

Ordinary Members of the Executive Board (2 Years)

Nominated for Ordinary Member: Sonya Fisher
Member Country/Organisation: Hockey Australia
Proposer: Hockey Australia
Seconder: Hong Kong Hockey Association
Electoral Statement: Electoral Video                                                                                                                                                        After being appointed to the WMH Technical Committee in late 2019 (with the support of  Hockey Australia), I was invited onto the WMH Executive Board in June 2020 to fill a casual vacancy until the General Assembly in August 2021.
Hockey History:
•  a player – (Hockey Australia Women’s Masters Championship 2006 and local Association and State Championships over many years);
•  an umpire – 2014 IMHA World Cup in Rotterdam; Hockey Australia Women’s Masters Championships (2007-2015) and current Division 1 umpire in my local Association;
•  a technical official – TD of the Masters Indoor World Cup 2019 in Hong Kong, the 2018 & 2019 HA Women’s Masters Championship and Masters Indoor Challenges and many other HA and Hockey Queensland championships – currently a Technical Official in my local Association;
•  an administrator – Treasurer, Board Member, Chair of the Umpiring & Technical Committee, Life Member of Brisbane Women’s Hockey Association with a membership base of 3,500 women and girls; Committee Member of the Queensland Indoor and Technical Committees.
Contributions and achievements as a WMH EB member:
•  Developed the Risk Register and Induction Pack for new EB and new Committee members;
•  Website Launch Engagement Plan in lead up to the launch of the WMH website in June.
•  Committee Member Evaluation Survey and follow-up discussions focused on the results and confirmation of recommendations.
•  Reviewing & finalisation of WMH documents such as the WMH Strategic planning.
•  Active participant at EB, Full Board and Combined Committees meetings.

Nominated for Ordinary Member: Satvinder Singh Gill
Member Country/Organisation: Persatuan Hoki Veteran Sultan Ahmad Shah/Sultan Ahmad Shah – Veterans Hockey Association (Malaysia)
Proposer: Persatuan Hoki Veteran Sultan Ahmad Shah/Sultan Ahmad Shah Veterans Hockey Association
Seconder: Hockey Masters Singapore (HMS)
Electoral Statement:  Electoral Video                                                                                                                                                                                      I would like to offer my services to share my experience and learn from others in any way I can.
  • I have been the Treasurer for the Malaysian Veterans Hockey Body (SAS) for the last 4 years.
  • Ever since I was involved with the Malaysian Masters I have managed to increase our participation from only one age category to now all categories.
  • I played hockey and represented my state in all age categories from the age of 15 to the senior teams.
  • I used to be in the Malaysian Juniors and Seniors Hockey Training Squad but due to my studies and work commitments I had to pull out on both occasions.
  • Started to actively play again about 20 years ago. I have also captained the O40s, O45s and O50s master hockey team for Malaysia in the last 3 Masters World Cups.
  • I would like to see more Asian teams participating.
  • I will also be the voice for all the Asian teams within WMH.
  • I am passionate to further grow WHM to be the premier hockey body in the world. I think we have so many opportunities to tap into and grow
  • Professionally, I am a Chartered Accountant (FCCA) and run my own accounting practice in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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